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Summerland, BC


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Sign LED retrofits
LED Neon outlining

Retrofitting burnt out building and street signs to LED can save you hundreds per year, per sign in energy costs, 87% on average. All retrofits come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, and are eligible for rebates of 25-45% of the cost of the upgrade for all Fortis BC and BC Hydro customers. The maintenance savings, combined with energy savings and rebates, pay for most upgrades in 2 years, and can last for 20. Your signs will also be brighter than new, crisper and cleaner looking, with edge to edge consistent lighting.

Want to add some colour to your property? Add some LED neon to your signs or buildings, choose your effects, and over 256000 colours. Change them to match your mood or the holiday, all with a remote or even your phone. Replacing existing neon also qualifies for a rebate.

Property Maintenance
and lighting


Whether its existing problems for owners or tenants, we have you covered. Just some of our services include troubleshooting, interior and exterior lighting upgrades with rebates and energy savings, emergency and parking lot lighting, data wiring, distribution and power outlets, or EV car chargers. Automation, controls, and design are personalized the way you want them.


Keep your property operating costs and maintenance low, so you and your tenants can sit back and enjoy the scenery, not the problems.

New Construction and Renos

Time for a new office, store, or home? Or maybe you are due for a reno? By contacting us ahead of time, we can offer suggestions up-to-date with current technologies, codes, efficiencies, and rebates.

Call us for a quote on your next project!

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